`Ghost rider 2` became the leader of the Russian rental

`Ghost rider 2` became the leader of the Russian rentalAccording to the results of the weekend 23-26 February, the leader of the Russian hire was the film "Ghost rider 2 with Nicolas cage.According to preliminary data distributors, issued on 27 February on the website kinobusiness.com the band gathered to 8.14 million.In second place was a picture of Russian Director Janik fayziyev August. The eighth" that unfolds on the background of the armed conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. Over the weekend the film earned 4,79 million dollars (just since the premiere - February 21 - 5,98 million).Closes the top three the leader of last week, the action movie "this Means war", which brought together 3,14 million dollars (total 10,48 million during the rental).On the fourth line down of the film "Journey 2: the Mysterious island" with 2.25 million dollars (16.3 million). In fifth place - Russian romance "Zolushka" with 1.22 million dollars (just to 4.76 million). Source: "Ghost rider 2" became the leader of the Russian rental. . Читать полностью -->

Nikolay Baskov is your Appendix

Nikolay Baskov is your AppendixIt became known what had happened with Nicholas and why he didn't attend the birthday party of his close friend Philip Kirkorov. The reason is more than valid: acute appendicitis complicated by peritonitis.Straight from the pavilion at the Gorky film Studio (Moscow), where the shooting took place next episode of the program "Dating Agency" Nikolai Baskov was hospitalized RZD , where he had emergency surgery. While doctors can't make predictions about when people's favorite will be able to return to the stage. - I can only say that the peritonitis peritonitis strife.Physicians distinguish several stages of the disease: it can be local, that happens less and common - there is a significant lesion of the abdominal cavity, - told Life Showbiz senior research fellow Institute of emergency medical aid to them. N. In. Читать полностью -->

The last picture of Richard Hamilton will be exhibited in London

The last picture of Richard Hamilton will be exhibited in LondonThe last work of British artist Richard Hamilton, who died in September 2011, will occupy a Central place in retrospect, "the father of pop art", writes The Guardian.Exhibition in memory of the artist under the name "Richard Hamilton: the Late works" will open on 10 October 2012 at London's National gallery.In the last months of his life Hamilton was working on the painting "Balzac", which he was inspired by the story of honorГ© de Balzac's "the Unknown masterpiece", the artist shows two other painters picture of his life over which he labored for many years. The artist believes that depicted beautiful naked (and it turned out he is like a living), but his young colleagues are on the canvas only a random mixture of brush strokes and lines.Hamilton has called his film "Balzac". According to his widow Rita, he refused the title "Masterpiece", so no one thought he has a view of his work and thus praise himself.Richard Hamilton has died at the age of 89, shortly before his birthday. The exact cause of his death is not known, but, apparently, he was sick a long time. The publication says that in recent months, Hamilton understood that I do not have time to finish the work, and the exhibition, scheduled in London, will be, when he's no longer alive. According to the newspaper, Richard Hamilton participated in the development of the plan of the exposition and left a recommendation regarding the hanging of works, namely, that three sketches for "Balzac" will become the center of the exhibition.The exhibition, which runs until 19 January 2013, will feature 30 paintings; some of them will be exhibited for the first time. Читать полностью -->

Porokhovshikova knocked down the news of the death of his wife

Porokhovshikova knocked down the news of the death of his wifeAccording to the official version, Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov never knew about the death of his beloved wife. However, there is information that the actor could still learn that Irina died, and that this news has knocked down him.We will remind, friends and family of Alexander porokhovshikova has made every effort to seriously ill, the actor learned that his wife had committed suicide. They were afraid that this terrible news will simply kill him. So much so, that in the house of artist would not let anyone and generally imposed flow regime. However, according to some information, the inevitable happened - Porokhovshchikov learned that Irina died."Officially, nobody reported hard news, but I was under the impression that he knows everything. What was happening before my eyes, allows me to draw the conclusions. Читать полностью -->

Ani Lorak has canceled a tour in the cities of Russia

Ani Lorak has canceled a tour in the cities of RussiaPopular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak has canceled a tour in the cities of Russia. This is because all the props artist has not missed custom.A rather unpleasant story happened with the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. The fact that the customs have not missed all the props needed for concert tour pop diva. This is extremely disappointing news for many fans of the singer announced her PR Manager Michael Jasinski.As the representative of the singer, concert tickets sold out long ago and they were in a very awkward situation: they have to apologize to the fans that the tour fell through. "Our tour is not failed. All the props had been detained at the border. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron admired manhood Michael Fassbender

Charlize Theron admired manhood Michael FassbenderManhood Michael Fassbender demonstrated by the actor of the film "Shame", made a great impression on Charlize Theron.According to the publication LA Times, about the actress spoke at a reception organized by the Human Rights organization Human Rights."Your penis was a revelation to me. I'm willing to work with him anytime," said the actress, accepting the award for his social work.According to Theron, the majority of actors with whom she starred previously would not have dared such an act. In response Fassbender himself, appeared on stage with a glass of whiskey, thanked his colleague for "Prometheus" and proposed a toast in her honor. Source: Charlize Theron admired manhood Michael Fassbender. . . Читать полностью -->

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